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WSL checklist

WSL – stands for “Windows Subsystem for Linux” is an awesome feature that let’s you run full Linux system inside windows. You can install Ubuntu and use it’s command line. Here is how you set it up and checklist of my setups and applications.

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Running Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge on Ubuntu

You don’t need to have dedicated machine with windows or to give up using Linux or Mac just because you need to test your work on IE or Edge.

Here how you can run IE and Edge on Ubuntu. It should work on any other Linux or MAC OS. You don’t need to have windows licence or perform the system installation.

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Setup Apache 2 & PHP 5.6 environment on Ubuntu 16.04

Install Apache


sudo apt install apache2

Check computer name


Returned ‘userver’. I’ll use it in apache configuration for setting sub-domains.

Setup enabled sites. I.e directories and its host names. I’ll setup localhost, local ip address and subdomain main.userver to point to same directory of my main project. I’ll keep the apache default page for reference on address apache.userver

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