Month: May 2017

Turn on computer remotely

Did you know that you can turn on a computer over LAN or Internet? Yes you can! Why will you need it? For example you have a computer that you need to connect to remotely. So instead of keeping it always on, you can turn it on remotely and then just turn it of when you done.

I need it for my file server that I’ve made. I’ve installed Ubuntu a cheap PC and configured it as network file server. I want to hide it somewhere far at home and it will be connected only with power and LAN cable. I don’t need it always on so here how you set the “Wake on LAN”.

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Thank you wordpress!

Here I am starting a new tech blog. This is going to be based on personal experience, for my own reference and for who ever will find anything useful.

Why wordpress? Well, looks like this is the optimal solution for me. It has all the features and requirements I need.

  • Free hosting and maintenance. Unless you don’t care that it will be under sub domain of and a bit of advertisement
  • It has all the nice blog features like tags, comments, search etc.
  • Google loves worpress sites! So you can be sure that you or others will be able to find your posts!
  • It looks great and have tones of beautiful templates

So thank you wordpress! And let’s go!